July 26, 2014

Chanel fall 2014 campaign

Feast your eyes on the new ad campaign for the #normcore collection by Karl Lagerfeld. It really brings out the whole "girl power" attitude by choosing a boxing ring as the backdrop. It's different... but it works! And of course, in true Chanel style, lifting weights and running around the track has to be done in a Chanel's iconic tweet suits and sneakers.

July 25, 2014

Home, sweet home

I'm back from my European adventure! 

Wow. It was one of the best holidays I've had so far. I just landed and I'm already having withdrawals lol.. I want to go back! It's amazing to have seen so much of western Europe in such a short amount of time. Every day was a 6am wake up call and a 7am start and although it was pretty tiring at times, I wouldn't have had it any other way. The summer days in Europe are so long and the sun doesn't set until 9.30-10pm (which was a little strange for me at first), but it also meant that I wasn't going to bed until at least midnight every night. I guess you could say I really made the most of my days! I got to travel to so many cities and see so many beautiful sights.. when I look back, it was as if it happened in the blink on an eye. But thankfully I have tonnes of photos to help re-live those amazing memories :) And I'll be sharing them with you guys throughout the next few weeks!

June 16, 2014

My Great European Tour 2014!

So as I've previously mentioned, I have some very exciting travel related news to share! 
I know, the title of this post pretty much gives it away, but I couldn't help myself! During my mid-year break, I'll be going on a Great European Tour!! And I'm leaving TOMORROW!!!

I'm super excited for this trip because I've always wanted to go to Europe (I'll save the Eastern Europe tour for next year), and I've heard so many fun stories and amazing memories from friends around me, I just wanted to board the plane and see what it's all about! I booked this tour towards the end of last year and I've been counting down the days ever since haha..

I'm visiting 9 countries in total: England, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Amsterdam, and I'll be passing through Belgium on the way home. I've included the map of my itinerary below. Click here to find all the details about the tour I'm taking.

Since I won't be taking my laptop with me, this obviously means that I won't be blogging for a while (around 6 weeks actually). I know, I know, I literally just got back from China and took a few weeks off blogging when uni exams kicked in and now I'm off again, but this world is just too exciting and what can I say, I've got the travel bug!

Although I won't be writing on the blog, I'll still be updating you guys with pics on my Twitter and Instagram, so be sure to follow me for your daily dose of European sunshine!

June 15, 2014

Review: Mallzee - Personal shopper in your pocket

Hey guys! Hope you're all having a great weekend :)

For today's post, I want to share an app I recently came across - Mallzee. You may already use it or have heard of it, but if you haven't then you have to try it out! It's pretty much as the title says: a personal shopper in your pocket, and since we're all lovers of fashion (and certainly shopping), I thought you guys would be interested.